Raising Aspirations Day at Reading School.


On Monday 4th July, eight pupils from years four and five were invited to Reading School as part of their Raising Aspirations initiative. Reading School is a grammar school for boys which has history dating back to the school of Reading Abbey, making it one of the oldest schools in the country.

Upon their arrival, the pupils were met by some senior boys from the school who took the pupils to the school refectory, where they were given a t-shirt, water bottle and some stationary. They were then divided into four houses names East, County, School and West, along with around 100 other primary pupils from schools all over Reading. These would be the teams that the pupils would spend the rest of the day with.



The children then spent the day rotating around different exciting lessons that were delivered by the senior boys and some of the teaching staff from the school.

Lesson 1 was a linguistics lesson. the pupils had to work in teams to work out the meanings of numbers in Bambara- a language spoken mainly in Mali, West Africa, re-write sentences spoken by star wars character Yoda and tell the time in Estonian. It was a challenging problem, but these children soon got the hang of it; it even turns out that Nathan speaks fluent Yoda! See if you can Translate the Yodaspeak below:

Take you to him I will.

Much to learn you still have.

Unexpected this is.

image Lesson 2 was an engineering and problem solving task run by Peter Brett Associates- a national engineering firm based in Reading. The children were split into teams again; each had a £500 budget to connect two towns together on a map, including crossing a river using a bridge. Pupils assigned themselves roles within their teams as: quantity surveyors, structural engineers, planners, constructors/builders and transporters. The team with the greatest amount of money at the end would win, however extra points could be earned by having the strongest bridge, which was tested by adding weights to it.

Lesson 3 was chemistry in the chemistry lab.  Pupils were very excited to witness chemical reactions taking place, including an exploding jelly baby! The teacher showed the children lots of other chemical reactions which had to take place behind a protective screen.

Lesson 4 was team building PE games run by some of the older boys from the school. Children got to take part in some competitive ball games where they had to work as a team to score points by throwing the ball in the air and clapping before catching it again.

Throughout the day the boys from Reading School were extremely welcoming and friendly and ran a very well organised and fun-filled event. Wilson pupils had an excellent time and some are hoping to sit the entrance exam for either Reading School or Kendrick School.

About Miss Charnock

Miss Charnock is Key Stage Leader for Lower Key Stage 2. She has been teaching for 12 years, and has enjoyed teaching all across the primary age range. Miss Charnock has recently returned to school after a short break to have her first baby, Edith. Outside of school, Miss Charnock enjoys the outdoors, visiting her family in Yorkshire and Cornwall and going to as many baby groups as she can possibly manage.

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