The Magic Box by Kit Wright

We have been looking at a poem called The Magic Box by Kit Wright. First, we read it through and discussed it in lots of detail! Then, made a text map which we used to recite the poem by heart with actions. We really enjoyed this part! After we were able to recite the poem confidently, we had a go at innovating, where we changed some of the original ideas to our own chocolate themed ones! We were so proud of how well we were able to retell the poem, that we then performed it to Anthony Browne class and also decided to film it for our blog.

Please visit the Roald Dahl class page to watch our video and leave a comment telling us what you think! (Video to be uploaded very shortly!)

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  1. elias January 27, 2017 5:05 pm #

    I remember reading that and the description was good.
    Good luck if your presenting it in assembly.


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