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Miss Rolph-Dickinson wrote: Pakistan
Name of the country = Pakistan Continent = Asia Language = Urdu and Punjabi Facts / information = My dad was born in Pakistan and my grandparents live there. I visited when I was 2 years old, its far away so we went by aeroplane and it took over 8 (More)
Miss Rolph-Dickinson wrote: Homework grid
Super maths problem solving as part of the homework grid (More)
Miss Rolph-Dickinson wrote: Costa Rica
Name of the country = Costa Rica Continent = North America Language = Spanish Facts / information = Turtles lay their eggs on the beaches in Costa Rica. There is lots of wildlife including Sloth's. There is no Army in Costa Rica. Leo (More)
Miss Rolph-Dickinson wrote: Italy
Name of the country =Italy Continent =Europe Language =Itallian Facts / information =you get to eat lots of ise cream and pasta! (More)
Sofia wrote: Dominican republic
Name of the country = Dominican republic Continent =Central America Language =Spanish Facts / information =In Dominican republic you drive on the right side of the road the capital city of Dominican republic is Santo Domingo (More)
Miss Rolph-Dickinson wrote: Poland
Name of the country = Poland Continent =Europe Language =polish Facts / information = Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Poland is devided into 16 counties. The longest polish river is called Vistula. In north - east part of the country thereis lace (More)