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Miss Rees wrote: SUPERHERO DAY IN YEAR 1
Today was Superhero day at Wilson Primary school and we had some very special visitors.  Ben and Jess, both from Brickies, arrived with lots of Lego for the children to create and design a car and a home for their superheroes. The children all cam (More)
Superheroes needs to have amazing throwing and catching abilities if they want to defeat the evil villains.  Year 1 have been making amazing progress at throwing and catching while travelling.  Here's some super skills caught on camera! (More)
Miss Rees wrote: CAPE DAY!
Wow! We had such a cross-curricular day today! Making our capes included elements of art, DT (sewing), Maths, English, and PE!       At the end of the day we evaluated our capes.  Here were some great comments... 'I love my cape (More)
Miss Rees wrote: Sidra
sidra (More)
Miss Rees wrote: Ali-Zain
Flahs (Flash) (More)
Miss Rees wrote: Aadam
sopr spike (More)
Hello Year 1, This week we are going to be creating our own Superheroes. If you need any help with what to call your Superhero, there are a lot of ideas you can get from here! Your superhero name is: Doctor Dimension You are an alien, brough (More)
What a great start to Year 1 the children have had! The class got to meet their new teacher and complete some fun activities related to the class author, Julia Donaldson, on the first morning.  Then on the next transition afternoon we began to think (More)